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Communicator > Information Security Alerts > Same PHISH message - different sender from Kyler M. Sanders  

Information Security Alerts: Same PHISH message - different sender from Kyler M. Sanders


Same PHISH message - different sender from Kyler M. Sanders 


The same PHISH email that came out yesterday alerting ESU faculty and staff that maintenance would be occuring has been resent by a different email account.  The email includes a message that unless the sender replies, their account will be deactivated.  DO NOT REPLY; instead DELETE the email.
TCS will NEVER ask you to send your personal information.  Account deactivation is mostly an automated process.  Also - we will NOT deactivate your account in this manner.
If you have replied to the PHISH (fish) emails from yesterday
An example of the email follows
From:  Kyler M. Sanders
Subject:  Alert! Emporia State University

Attention Staff/faculty,

Due to the various emails received by our webmail users of receiving phishing spams,Emporia State University. will be undergoing system maintenance On our webmail, we will be re-starting our mail host server,during these processes you might have login problems or loose some information in your mail account,to prevent this, you have to confirm your account immediately you receive this we will save your information on our central server.

To confirm and keep your account active during and after this process,urgently reply to this email with your below account information YOUR ACCOUNT CONFIRMATION


Year Of Employment:

E-mail ID:

E-mail Password:

Your account shall remain active after you have successfully confirmed your account details.

The above information should be sent to the below email address for prompt attention Thanks for bearing with us.

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Created at 10/28/2011 8:34 AM  by Cheryl O'Dell 
Last modified at 10/28/2011 8:34 AM  by Cheryl O'Dell